Our services are mainly designed for those who want to obtain and maintain aeronautical certifications of EASA & ICAO standard.

We care to follow our clients every step of the way, assuming various roles as needed:

  • Project Management Consultancy;
  • Company management;
  • Airworthiness Management
  • Drafting, implementation and editing of specific manuals in compliance to EASA Requirement
  • Quality & Compliance Monitoring Management
  • Safety Management
  • Aviation Business Development

Aviation Certifications

Oxygen Labs Srl provides aviation consulting for many aviation fields and certifications:


Design Organisations


Production Organisations


Continuing Airworthiness

AMO 145

Maintenance Organisations

MTO 147

Maintenance Training Organisations


Pilot Training Organisations


Commercial Air Transport


Aerial Work

Target of our consulting

  • Airline Companies, Air Carrier Licensed, Air Operators
  • CAMO Operators (ref. to Certifications according to Easa Part M)
  • AMO Part 145 Maintenance Operators;
  • CAO Combined Aircraft Operators
  • DOA Certificated companies (Easa Part 21)
  • POA Certificated companies (production)
  • Helicopters and airplanes owners;
  • Leasing companies;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Training Organisations;
  • Universities, Schools; Research centers;
  • Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Institutional and Governative Organisations

Our consulting services

Select a main topic to read all the details about the available services.

  • Continuing Airworthiness management for aircrafts for fixed wing and rotating wing;
  • ARC Airworthiness Review Certificate process
  • Import/Export Certificate process management, for aircraft from abroad and to bring abroad;
  • Aircraft/Helicopter Airworthiness Evaluation and Extimation
  • Maintenance programs management and editing;
  • Technical management according to EASA 1321 part M, part 145, Easa Part 21, AirOps 965/2012.
  • Courses supply by FlyOn.Aero Aviation Training Center
  • OMM Organization Management Manual;
  • OM Operational Manual;
  • SMM Safety Management Manual;
  • CMM Compliance Management Manual;
  • DOH Design Organization Hanbook
  • POE Production Organization Exposition
  • CAME Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition;
  • MOE Maintenance Organization Exposition,
  • ERP Emergency Response Plan;
  • AMP Aircraft Maintenance Programs;
  • Load and centering and pre-calculated configuration management;
  • Other manuals and documents editing
  • Specific documentation editing;
    • CCL Compliance Check List editing;
    • ACL Audit Check List editing;
  • Quality & Compliance Management activities assuming roles;
  • Audit activities execution;
    • Gap Analysis
    • Assessments
    • Products and System Audits
    • Performance Evaluation
  • Courses supply by FlyOn.Aero Aviation Training Center;
  • Manuals, procedures or special booklets editing;
  • Safety management activities assuming roles;
  • Safety Gap analysis
  • Risk Assesment activities;
  • Courses supply by FlyOn.Aero Aviation Training Center;
  • Full Gap Analysis
  • Compliance Verification Engineering (CVE) activity;
  • Pre-production and Pre-install analysis;
  • Feasibility study;
  • Structural Analysis and Simulation
  • Collaboration with AMO145 and CAMO companies.
  • Courses supply by FlyOn.Aero Aviation Training Center;