About us

Oxygen Labs Srl is an Italian company founded by Enrico Foresto in September 2010 after more than fifteen years of professional experience in aviation consultancy and training.

We are constantly up to date with the latest regulations published by EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency. This is essential to have thoughtfully designed services that satisfy the client needs.

Our solid team of professionals and experts will work closely with you to achieve your goals, whether you are a well-established company, an operator or a newcomer in the aviation world.

Meet the Team

Enrico Foresto

Chief Executive Officer

Enrica Tuninato

Chief Financial Officer

Marco Antonio Leone

International Affairs Director

Veronica Quaglia

Executive Assistant

Virginia Benedetta Guerra

Marketing Developer

Andrea Sottotetti

Business Developer

Matteo Tardito

IT & Technical Office Staff

Alessio Rocca

Quality Manager & Instructor

Martina Bua

MTO 147 Technical Staff


Lucio Lubrano

Training Instructor

Pierangelo Cassino

Training Instructor

Luigi Simoncini

Safety Specialist & Instructor


Maurizio Rossano

Training Instructor


Massimiliano Danielli

Training Instructor


Teresio Rossanigo

Training Instructor

Italian Facilities

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  • Headquarter office
  • FlyOn.Aero School Facilities

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  • Tech Secondary Base


  • Tech Secondary Base


  • Tech Secondary Base

World Facilities




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Company documentation

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